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Dominican Chip Yaniquequitos Crackers %100 Natural - Family Pack 226 G

Dominican Chip Yaniquequitos Crackers %100 Natural - Family Pack 226 G

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A Taste of Dominican Tradition: Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of the Dominican Republic with our Dominican Chip Yaniqueques by Pica Express. This 8 oz pack brings you the authentic taste of traditional Dominican yaniqueques, known for their unique crunch and delightful taste.

Crispy and Satisfying: Each Yaniquequito is crafted to perfection, offering a crispy texture that is both satisfying and delicious. Their golden-brown exterior and flaky layers are a testament to the art of Dominican baking.

Versatile Snacking Experience: These Yaniquequitos are perfect for any snacking occasion. Enjoy them as a standalone treat, or pair them with your favorite dips and beverages for an enhanced flavor experience.

Authentic Recipe, Unmatched Flavor: Made following traditional recipes, Pica Express Yaniquequitos are a culinary delight. They represent the true essence of Dominican snacking culture, bringing a piece of the island's culinary heritage to your palate.

Ideal for Sharing: With an 8 oz pack, these Yaniquequitos are great for sharing with friends and family. Whether it's a get-together, a party, or just a casual snack time, they are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Customer Reviews

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My favorite literal I love everything from there shop

Steisy Ubiera

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Me alegro muchísimo encontrar esta pagina. Hubiera querido que estuviera hace años atrás 😩.
Me encantó todo, volví a mi niñez por un momento 🥹, todo llego en perfectas condiciones, muy bien empacado, y fresco. Gracias! 🤩

Nikaury Rodriguez
Tener un pedacito de mi tierra

Mi emoción no la pude ocultar tener un pedacito de mi tierra sabiendo que en esto momento no puedo viajar fue lo mejor gracias y claro que volveré a ordeñar de nuevo ❤️🙏🏼✨

Cris Pereyra garcia

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