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How it works?

1. Choose Your Flavor: Explore our delicious Dominican chips, pick your favorites, and make a simple purchase.

2. From the Heart of the DR to Your Doorstep: After you order, we embark on a journey to bring a piece of the Dominican Republic directly to your door in the United States.

3. Customized Shipping: We calculate shipping costs based on your cart's weight and your U.S. location, ensuring fairness and transparency.Your Dominican delights typically arrive within 7-10 days after Thursdays each week, which is when the merchandise leaves the Dominican Republic.

4. Easy Tracking and Delivery: Stay informed with a tracking number provided as soon as it's available. UPS handles the shipping and delivery in the United States.

5. Authenticity and Trust: Every pack of chips we sell is authentic, sealed, and carefully packed, guaranteeing the highest quality and confidence in your purchase.


Why Choose Buy Dominican Snacks for Your Chips:

At Buy Dominican Snacks, we are more than just a snack provider. We are a gateway to the Dominican Republic's rich flavors and traditions. With over a decade of experience in online commerce and international shipping, we specialize in delivering only the best and most popular Dominican chips. Our commitment to honesty, responsibility, and exceptional customer service has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers, with a significant majority becoming repeat buyers.